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About Allway Media

As one of the cores of Allway Solutions, we are proud of our media department. Since 2012, we have teamed up with many domestic and foreign artists and their teams and many media organizations to successfully organize more than 100 large-scale performances and events.

Current Event

Aowei International Culture Media has a mature one-stop service, from the preliminary promotion to the event.

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Allway publicity included storefront promotion and social media promotion- covering major cities.

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Our systematic ticket channels cover international students and young people in major Canadian cities.
Enthusiastic on-site volunteer team led by experienced staff, pre-training and on-site execution is the focus of our attention.
We will do assessments after event to calculate discoverability and campaign conversion, and post campaign publicity to build our user base.

What Can We Do?


Event Promotion Service

 Our pre-event promotion includes physical store promotion and online social promotion. We have a wide range of network resources in major cities in Canada, and tailor the most suitable publicity route for you according to your needs.

Field Promotion
· Store promotion, posters, and other publicity promoting materials.
· Physical store promotion includes Large restaurants, milk tea shops, bars,  nightclubs, and etc.
· It is expected that there will be an exposure rate of more than 10,000 people per day.

Social media promotion
· Including WeChat official accounts, Weibo, Instagram, etc.
· More than 1,000 people will see the promotion content for the first time, and they will be required to forward it.
· It is expected that there will be an exposure rate of more than 3000 people per day
· Official ticketing service

On-site promotion
· On-site coordination and execution.
· A team of student volunteers led by experienced organizers.
· On-site ticketing and support.
· The stage is set up, order maintenance, and the backstage support.

​Close Contact with celebrities and Expand Your Personal Background

Our Parenters

Sponsor of the Year


​Volunteer Cooperation

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Work with Us

We welcome you to cooperate with us in any form.

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